7 Strategies To Ensure Maximum Property Valuations on Your Real Estate

Milan continues to be a good bet for 2018 with strong market fundamentals, quality stock coming on line and take-up levels remaining high. The release of ex-industrial land for office development by the state has freed prime areas for office re-development. Its sheer size, the number of foreign companies starting up business there and its proximity to other key Italian markets has made Milan a top investment choice for 2018. The smaller UK markets listed above offer a different type of opportunity.

Although the scale of available stock is much smaller, there is a trend towards decentralisation by large professional companies in London relocating or opening branch offices in other UK regions, where rents are lower, while London remains easily accessible and new client opportunities can be found business Property valuation firm Southern European markets such as Lisbon and Madrid offer potential for 2018 but caution must be exercised with respect to the investment product and choice of locations.

The second European office market projection focuses on average rental growth expectations for 2018. Again the story focuses on the projected success of a few smaller and secondary markets. The other main theme for European office property in 2018 is, in general, most main markets will not experience either rental growth or rental decline. 2018 will see flat rentals and a period of stability while the economy gathers strength. The property market has historically followed economic fundamentals and sentiment but is generally slower to react to market conditions. This period of flatness is expected to produce positive growth scenarios for 2019.

The top markets for rental growth in 2018 are projected to be Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Sheffield. The following markets are projected to have flat rental growth in 2018: Berlin, Dublin, Cardiff, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Prague, Warsaw and Lisbon. In a period of economic uncertainty, flat growth must be viewed in a positive light, especially while many other investment classes are returning negative results.