About Us

My name is Sam Light and I work as a Pointer in Megatronic Plus Company. I wanted to do valuation of my house property as I wanted to raise its worth. So I got in touch with www.katandkaboodle.com.au Company, who are experts in the field of valuation of property. I appointed them as property valuers which was one of the best decision I ever took.

Property Valuation is nothing but assessing the price of the property which is currently prevailing in the market. This assessment of price of the property not only makes you aware about the prevailing price of the property but also provides you with various ways through which you can increase the worth of your property. So who so ever wants to know or wants to increase the price of their property must undertake the process of valuation of property from a qualified valuer.

By appointing them as my property valuers I was comforted from all types of apprehension which are involved in the valuation process. They undertook the whole process of estimating the price of the property with ease and effortlessness. They with their skills and expert knowledge provide the best service in valuation of property.