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water-filled piping may be present. Restore heat to any buildings that are not in use, and drain piping and liquid-filled tanks for processes that are shut down.

Purchase sand, ice solvent, and dirt for sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots. Make sure all snow removal equipment is operational.

Statistics show that even facilities in relatively mild areas of the country need to protect themselves from cold weather damage SAN FRANCISCO — As more and more real estate companies experiment with putting their corporate information on the World Wide Web they struggle with that balance between being nothing more than an advertising billboard or a corporate brochure versus becoming a public site with real content.

Many firms have found their cadence with those competing objectives.

An example of innovation in the use of real estate information on the World Wide Web is the work of affordable housing lender TRI Financial Corp. which is offering on-line resources for terms and loan rates on affordable housing projects.

For example the site includes current and historical interest rates, free loan quotes and senior and multifamily housing loan program requirements.

The economic growth seen last year is likely to continue this year thanks to the government’s decision to spur local spending and promote exports Newly initiated measures that aim at increasing private investments, addressing the slump in the property sector and promoting a bigger deduction in personal income tax are also expected to contribute immensely to ensuring domestic growth this year. The new measures — announced by the government late last year — took effect on January 1, 2003.

Why property valuation process is performed on your property?

The world is getting smarter and smarter and people are using latest skills provided by technology to get benefits and simplicity and also the most important fast work cost for house valuations when they in fact borrowed money to make the purchases. This being said, property indicators remain favourable in a number of centres. Office absorption has been encouraging in Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam

Vacancy in Kampala, Gaborone, Lusaka and Harare remains under 10%. Additionally, Harare, Johannesburg, Gaborone, and Dar es Salaam are expected to increase the proportion of GDP output delivered from office sectors by 2005. This will encourage further office development and employment in the industries, which will further encourage office related spin-off industries. The latter two have been demand driven, while Harare has been primarily inflationary driven. The current political situation in Zimbabwe gives Harare unique and complex characteristics which offer challenge and opportunity in equal measure.

The top six rental growth destinations in Africa for 2003 are anticipated to be Johannesburg, Gaborone, Lagos, Lusaka, Blantyre and Harare. The last five are expecting zero rental growth but steady office market conditions over 2003. We are projecting Johannesburg office rental growth to reach around 4% for 2003.

Kampala, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi are all expected to experience rental value decline in 2003. Nairobi’s economy has been in difficulty over the past few years. This is however, projected to turn around in 2003 with 2.8% GDP growth. Kenya as a democracy is evolving and should be monitored in terms of future office investment potential. The outcome and consequences of new elections will directly impact upon economic and fiscal stability.

Rental rates for warehouse- distribution space have eroded over the past two years, but the slide has been small. The average asking rent, since peaking early in 2001, has declined by 5.5 percent, ending the third quarter of 2002 at $4.72 per square foot triple net. R&D-flex rents, on the other hand, have taken a 15.4 percent haircut from their peak, only a shade better than office rents have performed. Rental rates in 2003 should be flat for warehouse-distribution space while R&D-flex rents may fall by another 5 percent.

Main Things That Valuation Report Represents Us

Foreign direct investment in Europe continues at healthy levels. Most transactions are however, taking longer to complete due to the conservative nature of investors at this time. The overriding theme is, however, the growth and emergence of secondary markets within Europe.

As investors and investment funds continue to seek opportunities in prime markets, attention is also being diverted to smaller market offering growth opportunity and return on investment. Secondary markets during 2002 became a focal point due to their ability to attract investors and maintain rental growth during difficult economic circumstances. Secondary markets, especially Euro-zone or Euro-Zone-ready markets, such as Warsaw and Prague, have been able to offer alternative investment solutions to the European commercial property investor. There will also likely be a marked increase in secondary investment.

Foreign direct investment into Europe and cross-border inter- European investment continued to add stability to the market. Investment levels did not reach 2000 or 2001 peaks, although 2002 was still a strong year given economic conditions across Europe and the world. Estimates put investment levels at around € 15 billion for 2002. Experiencing The Valuation Processes For the fourth year running, France and the UK were the top investment destinations. Italy followed as a newcomer to the top three rankings. 2003 will likely see similar investment patterns with France.

The United Kingdom and Italy topping the investment destination charts. Italian investment continues to expand as ever more opportunity is realised in Europe’s fourth largest economy. Historically poor transparency issues have been corrected and investor confidence, both domestically and internationally, has created a rising demand for Italian product.

Valuation can let you know the proper estimates

As current market conditions are known with the help of Perth Property Valuers in the same way charts as well as different theories are made for the same and when all this is done proper estimate of a current can also be easily known as it has a direct connection with the valuation. As a result a person can decide what to do and what to avoid during the complete procedure. In Atlanta, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) system continues to be developed. TOD projects at and around Atlanta’s subway line (MARTA) stations are actively promoted and bus-based MARTA operations and TOD-style developments have been added to the Atlanta integrated transport solutions portfolio.

This is intended to build in particular upon the success of the Long Beach Blue Line and two Metro Rapid Bus demonstration projects. As noted earlier in this paper, Curitiba is the classic example of integrated transport solutions from South America.

Inter-district and feeder buses are integrated with the express services. Higher density mixeduse development is being concentrated around the interchange bus terminals at the end of each of the five express radials and at transfer points/key stops along them.

All this could lead to a perfect idea of things to avoid and things to be taken care of at the time of valuation. Hong Kong has one of the highest population densities in the world, averaging an overall figure of 6,100 persons/km2 and reaching a peak in the main urban areas of 500,000 persons/km2 (or 5,000 persons per/ha).

Effective interchange between transport modes is crucial and heavy rail, mass transit, trams, bus, public light bus, taxis, ferries, walking and cycling all contribute to an effective and viable integrated land use/transport scenario.

Since the opening of the first mass transit line in the mid-1970s, the greatest proportion of new development has focused upon high density nodes around rail and mass transit stations, both in the established urban areas around Victoria Harbour and in the New Towns.

Why property valuation process is important?

The Brisbane Property Valuers process is important when people needs to know the price of their house and when you will do the process of valuation then you will able to face a stress less knowing of your house price. Hillier is able to support the water needs from its own reservoir, which collects rainfall and excess irrigation water from most of its 50 acre site. In 2003, 40% of its water needs came from this reservoir, equating to some 44,000m3 .

The major steps that are needed to take while doing the process of valuation is that to find each and every single and minute area of your house. By following such strategy you will able to calculate your house vale in much right and correct manner. Hillier has also expanded its drip and spray peg irrigation system and serviced a further 400m2. These systems help deliver the optimum volume of water to each individual plant, avoiding run-off and leaching of nutrients. Hillier has an ongoing commitment to source and trial peat alternatives and is involved with several industry initiatives. Replacement of peat based media used in the potting of containerised trees with a media of green waste and bark products.

And then you will able to know your house value by doing the legal and complex property valuation process. Enabled them to further reduce their peat requirements by 1,000m3 annually. Hillier Nurseries is committed to reducing chemical usage to a minimum, with use of chemicals for the control of pests and disease reduced through its increased implementation of its Integrated Pest Management Programme (IPM). The IPM uses biological controls as well as chemicals made of natural ingredients to control pests and disease.

This helps minimise the impact on the environment and improves the working environment. It provides a sustainable approach to pest control and improves the quality of its product. Hillier’s is a strong believer in minimising the environmental impact of its operation and products and is very active in educating sustainable approaches at all levels of its operation. In order to educate others, Hillier recognises the need for its employees to also be educated.