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DRS Services of St. Dennis will be using special grabber equipment to pick the planks off the shore and out of the water, and then vast 6-wheel-drive tipper trucks will negotiate an up to 1 in 2.5 incline before removing them to Plymouth. Here they will be converted to wood chippings, which can be made into chipboard or similar products. DRS won a contract tender let yesterday by the Kodima’s insurers, who have been assisting the multi-authority task force set up to deal with all aspects of the Kodima’s grounding and the spilling her cargo.

This is not the worst environmental hazard we have ever faced, but it still requires some careful planning and action to remove timber from the worst affected areas. Fortunately all the agencies concerned worked together towards this solution with the help of the Kodama’s owners and insurers. Work on removing the timber is expected to take around three weeks, weather permitting, but the Coastguard will also be using a special aircraft to track timber which has drifted up or down the coast, and will need to be cleared.

We think that these attractive commemorative covers will appeal not only to those who are interested in philately, but to anyone who wants a lasting souvenir of this special royal event. And I am delighted that this whole enterprise is being undertaken entirely to benefit charities nominated by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, with the funds being used for their work in Cornwall. The number of covers issued will be limited strictly to match applications received before 10th April 2002, so the offer can never be repeated. View source : Valuations SA

Orders will be processed quickly, and the franked covers will arrive shortly after the Queen’s Mayday visit. They have issued new sets several times a year ever since, and Cornwall was featured recently on a set celebrating the county connection with Marconi. However, this Golden Jubilee cover is thought to be the first ever Cornish-based philatelic offer where all proceeds are going to local charity work. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, staff at Cornwall’s 11 Register Offices are wishing all their couples a very happy and romantic day. Most happen near home, on everyday trips to the shops, school or playgroup, at an average collision speed of just 22mph.

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This is the kind of situation I was trying to avoid. The problem is that we don’t have an engineer or an assistant engineer. We’ve lost it all.LouAllen has supported a four-year contract for Ellis from the start.He said that employing Ellis as the engineer would have been the best move for the county, because he has been there for eight years and is familiar with its needs.Being without an engineer or an assistant engineer will put us in a bind for a while, LouAllen said.

We won’t be able to submit any bridge projects (to the state) or Valuations QLD  any of the federal aide projects or any project that requires state bid-letting, because we don’t have a certified engineer in place.That was my whole point.I didn’t want to see a disruption in (our projects).Now we’ve got to employ an engineer as soon as possible.Parker said if Ellis actually resigns Jan.23, then he’ll have to call a meeting to get approval to advertise for an engineer.

He said that he was surprised when Ellis called to tell him about his decision to turn down the offer.I thought he was happy with it, he said.Parker said that Ellis is aware that his vote not to offer him a four-year contract was not personal.He was new (to the position) and that was my reason for going with a two-year contract, Parker said.I think he is an honest man and he would have done a good job.

Jones said Monday night that Ellis declined the job because he didn’t have confidence in some of the commissioners.It appears to me that he was very uncomfortable with some of the commissioners, Jones said.He made the statement to me that he thought he would be treated the same way as the last engineer.I hate that he did it; t’s really going to put the county in a bind.

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Water-filled piping may be present. Restore heat to any buildings that are not in use, and drain piping and liquid-filled tanks for processes that are shut down.

Purchase sand, ice solvent, and dirt for sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots. Make sure all snow removal equipment is operational.

Statistics show that even facilities in relatively mild areas of the country need to protect themselves from cold weather damage SAN FRANCISCO — As more and more real estate companies experiment with putting their corporate information on the World Wide Web they struggle with that balance between being nothing more than an advertising billboard or a corporate brochure versus becoming a public site with real content.

Many firms have found their cadence with those competing objectives.

An example of innovation in the use of real estate information on the World Wide Web is the work of affordable housing lender TRI Financial Corp. which is offering on-line resources for terms and loan rates on affordable housing projects.

For example the site includes current and historical interest rates, free loan quotes and senior and multifamily housing loan program requirements.

The economic growth seen last year is likely to continue this year thanks to the government’s decision to spur local spending and promote exports Newly initiated measures that aim at increasing private investments, addressing the slump in the property sector and promoting a bigger deduction in personal income tax are also expected to contribute immensely to ensuring domestic growth this year. The new measures — announced by the government late last year — took effect on January 1, 2003.

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The manufacturing sector of the economy plays an outsized role in the health of the industrial market even though manufacturing space accounts for just one-fifth of the total inventory. This is because warehouse-distribution space, which accounts for two-thirds of the inventory, is dedicated to handling materials and manufactured products as they move through corporate supply chains. After a promising start in the spring of 2002, manufacturing activity flattened in the summer and fall.  property valuations This is also valid in the field of property to use that services and face faster and easier way to perform the overall steps that comes in the property valuation process. The process of property valuation is performed to know the house price in the real estate field and the steps which are required to perform are all compulsory steps.

PHILADELPHIA — Everyone remembers the winter of 1996 and the havoc it wreaked on businesses in the Northern and Eastern parts of the country. With indicators already pointing to another rough winter, developing a cold weather plan now can save your business from costly delays caused by freezing, ice and snow.

Form a team to establish responsibility for a cold weather plan, identify weather-related hazards, and define goals and objectives.

Assign team members to regularly check for freezing water in sprinkler system piping, tanks, and underground mains. Ensure that sprinkler systems have adequate anti-freeze solution if required by system design.

Regularly check your fire protection system (including fire extinguishers) for freezing, which can result in fire catastrophe. Inspect fire gravity tanks for leaks; ice accumulation can cause collapse.

Service your heating system, including cleaning flues and burners and testing the system and controls for proper operation. Inspect all doors, windows, skylights, dampers, and other exterior openings to make sure they are weather tight.

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It is widely believed that the government will continue to priorities promoting growth at the grassroots level, while providing assistance to the export sector, which accounts for roughly 55% of the country’s GDP. Realty association executives from around the country are expected to make the trek to the software mountain in Redmond, Wash. in January of next year. There Microsoft will be holding a two-day powwow on the Internet for trade group execs complicated valuation transactions.

The two-day conference dubbed “Microsoft’s Internet and Desktop Software Conference” will be held on January 13th and 14th in Redmond, Wash. at the Microsoft Campus.

The MS confab is free to two members of a Realtor association’s staff and includes food, lodging and conference costs. The program is limited to state real estate trade associations.

Microsoft is offering a complete front-end Web program for associations under its real estate vertical marketing group, which is managed by Brian Jeans. The Washington Assn. of Realtors was the first to sign up.

The workshop will include training on setting up Internet sites including a program for getting the daily real estate news feed from Inman News Features, which is collaborating with Microsoft on the program.

We see this workshop as a way to improve the distribution of information and news about the Internet, which has become a valuable low-cost communication structure for Realtors and real estate associations,

In the last two weeks, executives of local multiple listing services from around the country have been in a buzz — networking with one another — discussing how their MLS data is being cannibalised by outsiders and how they must stand up and do something about it.

Resorting to the law, organisations such as local boards of Realtors are turning to copyright law to shun state trade associations, newspapers and technology companies who are repackaging home listing data and putting it up on the World Wide Web.