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Water-filled piping may be present. Restore heat to any buildings that are not in use, and drain piping and liquid-filled tanks for processes that are shut down.

Purchase sand, ice solvent, and dirt for sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots. Make sure all snow removal equipment is operational.

Statistics show that even facilities in relatively mild areas of the country need to protect themselves from cold weather damage SAN FRANCISCO — As more and more real estate companies experiment with putting their corporate information on the World Wide Web they struggle with that balance between being nothing more than an advertising billboard or a corporate brochure versus becoming a public site with real content.

Many firms have found their cadence with those competing objectives.

An example of innovation in the use of real estate information on the World Wide Web is the work of affordable housing lender TRI Financial Corp. which is offering on-line resources for terms and loan rates on affordable housing projects.

For example the site includes current and historical interest rates, free loan quotes and senior and multifamily housing loan program requirements.

The economic growth seen last year is likely to continue this year thanks to the government’s decision to spur local spending and promote exports Newly initiated measures that aim at increasing private investments, addressing the slump in the property sector and promoting a bigger deduction in personal income tax are also expected to contribute immensely to ensuring domestic growth this year. The new measures — announced by the government late last year — took effect on January 1, 2003.