What things are most used in the working of valuation?

This is the kind of situation I was trying to avoid. The problem is that we don’t have an engineer or an assistant engineer. We’ve lost it all.LouAllen has supported a four-year contract for Ellis from the start.He said that employing Ellis as the engineer would have been the best move for the county, because he has been there for eight years and is familiar with its needs.Being without an engineer or an assistant engineer will put us in a bind for a while, LouAllen said.

We won’t be able to submit any bridge projects (to the state) or Valuations QLD  any of the federal aide projects or any project that requires state bid-letting, because we don’t have a certified engineer in place.That was my whole point.I didn’t want to see a disruption in (our projects).Now we’ve got to employ an engineer as soon as possible.Parker said if Ellis actually resigns Jan.23, then he’ll have to call a meeting to get approval to advertise for an engineer.

He said that he was surprised when Ellis called to tell him about his decision to turn down the offer.I thought he was happy with it, he said.Parker said that Ellis is aware that his vote not to offer him a four-year contract was not personal.He was new (to the position) and that was my reason for going with a two-year contract, Parker said.I think he is an honest man and he would have done a good job.

Jones said Monday night that Ellis declined the job because he didn’t have confidence in some of the commissioners.It appears to me that he was very uncomfortable with some of the commissioners, Jones said.He made the statement to me that he thought he would be treated the same way as the last engineer.I hate that he did it; t’s really going to put the county in a bind.