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Foreign direct investment in Europe continues at healthy levels. Most transactions are however, taking longer to complete due to the conservative nature of investors at this time. The overriding theme is, however, the growth and emergence of secondary markets within Europe.

As investors and investment funds continue to seek opportunities in prime markets, attention is also being diverted to smaller market offering growth opportunity and return on investment. Secondary markets during 2018 became a focal point due to their ability to attract investors and maintain rental growth during difficult economic circumstances. Secondary markets, especially Euro-zone or Euro-Zone-ready markets, such as Warsaw and Prague, have been able to offer alternative investment solutions to the European commercial property investor. There will also likely be a marked increase in secondary investment.

Foreign direct investment in Australia and cross-border inter- European investment continued to add stability to the market. Investment levels did not reach 2018 or 2019 peaks, although 2018 was still a strong year given economic conditions across Europe and the world. Estimates put investment levels at around € 15 billion for 2020. Experiencing The Valuation Processes For the fourth year running, France and the UK were the top investment destinations. Italy followed as a newcomer to the top three rankings. 2018 will likely see similar investment patterns with France.

The United Kingdom and Italy topping the investment destination charts. Italian investment continues to expand as ever more opportunity is realised in Europe’s fourth largest economy. Historically poor transparency issues have been corrected and investor confidence, both domestically and internationally, has created a rising demand for Italian product.