Property valuation is the process of doing valuation of house

Over the last two years Asia Pacific has experienced some favourable office rental growth. In particular, Australian centres such as Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney have outperformed the market. Shanghai has also experienced strong office rental growth over the past few years, which is set to continue into 2003 property valuation process Knight Frank Asia Pacific projections for 2003 are again divided into two categories: overall office market-strength performers and top projected office rental growth markets. The same twenty indicators have been used throughout.

Rental growth has been very strong over the past few years and this trend is expected to continue into 2003 with 5% rental growth projected. Vacancy is falling and currently sits at about 10%. Yields are holding steady, GDP indicators for 2003 anticipate another good year (3.8%), interest rates are stable and low (6.25%) and unemployment is a healthy 6.4%.

2003 is expected to be a year of change for many Asia Pacific nations, as some emerge from a recession for the first time in years and others struggle to come to grips with political instability. India and China remain nations with significant potential due to their size, internal economy and export ability.

International property investment in Africa is still limited and most countries rely on domestic and inter-African investment. This trend will continue for the next few years as monetary, fiscal and political policy is re-evaluated in a number of African nations.