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DRS Services of St. Dennis will be using special grabber equipment to pick the planks off the shore and out of the water, and then vast 6-wheel-drive tipper trucks will negotiate an up to 1 in 2.5 incline before removing them to Plymouth. Here they will be converted to wood chippings, which can be made into chipboard or similar products. DRS won a contract tender let yesterday by the Kodima’s insurers, who have been assisting the multi-authority task force set up to deal with all aspects of the Kodima’s grounding and the spilling her cargo.

This is not the worst environmental hazard we have ever faced, but it still requires some careful planning and action to remove timber from the worst affected areas. Fortunately all the agencies concerned worked together towards this solution with the help of the Kodama’s owners and insurers. Work on removing the timber is expected to take around three weeks, weather permitting, but the Coastguard will also be using a special aircraft to track timber which has drifted up or down the coast, and will need to be cleared.

We think that these attractive commemorative covers will appeal not only to those who are interested in philately, but to anyone who wants a lasting souvenir of this special royal event. And I am delighted that this whole enterprise is being undertaken entirely to benefit charities nominated by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, with the funds being used for their work in Cornwall. The number of covers issued will be limited strictly to match applications received before 10th April 2002, so the offer can never be repeated. View source : Valuations SA

Orders will be processed quickly, and the franked covers will arrive shortly after the Queen’s Mayday visit. They have issued new sets several times a year ever since, and Cornwall was featured recently on a set celebrating the county connection with Marconi. However, this Golden Jubilee cover is thought to be the first ever Cornish-based philatelic offer where all proceeds are going to local charity work. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, staff at Cornwall’s 11 Register Offices are wishing all their couples a very happy and romantic day. Most happen near home, on everyday trips to the shops, school or playgroup, at an average collision speed of just 22mph.